D-Link’s EXO series routers can fend for themselves with built-in McAfee protection

Modern problems require modern solutions
25 February 2020 / 19:43IST

Data consumption is skyrocketing thanks to Netflix and its barrage of 4K content, not to mention the humble beginnings of 2020 that feeds the sincere commitment of social media pages. Shareable memes and viral content are created every single day, from the pronunciation blunders by Presidents and Prime Ministers to flight misconducts. Throw in a few voice-controlled devices and you have multiple entry points for racoon-faced hackers to invade your network and everything under its shade. To keep that from happening, D-Link has slapped McAfee inside the router itself, so your network - and everything connected to it - isn’t compromised at best. It’s also a smart router, meaning Alexa and Google AI allow you to have a hands-free control over the router. You can mix and match compatible routers with it and it’s smart enough to automate the process of finding the best path and all the other geeky network stuff with other routers. In short, you’ll get network even in the loo and the basement with a proper network mesh. The EXO series starts from ₹4,999 and is available now.

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