The Asus Zenbook UX330 is slimmer than a deck of cards

Weighing only 1.2kgs and incredibly thin at just 13.5mm, this one’s an ace!
30 March 2017 / 15:12IST

Slimmer and lighter, slimmer and lighter and slimmer and lighter till you can’t slimmer and lighter no more. But not for Asus, these guys have slimmed the new Zenbook down by 15% compared to the previous model. It’s possibly the slimmest 13.3inch laptop in the world. Apart from being bloody thin it still holds out as a premium laptop with top-notch specs. With a processing power of Intel’s 7th gen processor (i7 7500/i5-7200) and 12 hours battery life, this baby is wrapped around an ultra-sleek full aluminium chassis. It has up to 8GB RAM and 512 SSD disk space with a 13.3in QHD+ 3200x1800 display powered by Asus’ proprietary Splendid Display Technology. Sounds good? It does. The audio system is tuned by experts from Asus’ own ‘Golden Ears’ audio team as well as renowned audiophile company, Harman Kardon. You can grab one of these now from online retail stores starting from ₹76,990.

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