Asus wants ₹5 lacs for the new Asus G703...’s what you get in return
07 May 2018 / 15:29IST

In the same hush-hush meeting, we got to put our mitts on the new G703. A 17.3in monster of a laptop filled to the brim with the latest. You get a stunning 144Hz display with G-sync, the big daddy Intel Core-i9 8950K processor which can be overclocked to 4.8GHz and a no-nonsense Nvidia GTX1080 GPU with 8GBs of sweet memory. It also has HyperDrive Extreme storage that provides a claimed world’s fastest RAID 0 SSD speed of up to 8700MB/s - now that is some serious speed. Yes, it does demand a hefty price of ₹4,99,990, and we are already in line for donating a kidney or two. You want one too? We strongly suggest waiting for the review before selling your body parts. It might piss off some family members.

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