Asus ROG Chimera’s processor is Usain-Bolt-on-steroids-fast

Looks chubby for a laptop
31 August 2017 / 15:58IST

Looks like Asus’ changed their game plan when it comes to naming laptops. First Zephyrus, now Chimera. They’re names of mythological beings, but the 4.3GHz out of the box clock speed on the Intel i7-7820HK is no myth. They’ve even crammed in G-sync on the 17.3inch Full HD display that does 144Hz and has a 7ms response time. Don’t sweat those numbers. We’re just trying to say that it’ll make your games look extra smooth thanks to G-sync and 144Ghz. Also, next time to mash a button on the Chimera, it will register faster, in seven milliseconds to be precise. Looks a bit chunky doesn’t it? That’s cos’ there’s a GTX 1080 sitting inside there along with rest of the specs, which Asus is still hiding from us. Apart from this, it also has a built-in Xbox Wireless receiver to connect your Xbox controller. From the looks of it, it seems like a fat Zephyrus but we’ll keep our opinions till Asus gives us a launch date and a price for this baby.

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