The Area 51m is Alienware's first modular gaming laptop

It's laptop but it's like a desktop...
19 March 2019 / 13:32IST

The drawback of any laptop has been the lack of full upgradability. So when you invest upwards of ₹2lacs on a laptop, it primarily boils down to the option, if not convenience, of portability. That’s the investment made over upgradability, right? Well, throw that out the window. Alienware has put on the hard hat and steamrolled a desktop PC into a laptop while keeping the upgradability bits intact. Enter Alienware Area 51m (from ₹2,99,590). A high-end gaming monstrosity that uses a desktop Intel i9 processor and Nvidia GTX 1080 which can be swapped out for a better one later. Obviously the storage and RAM can be upgraded as well. With upto 32GB of RAM and space to plonk two M.2 SSDs and 1TB of HDD, Alienware made it quite certain that you’d stick to this portable monster for a long, long time. If you've saved up for this already, it's up for grabs post April 1 from Dell India.

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