The Apple M1 chip boots Intel out of the Macs

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11 November 2020 / 0:37IST

Apple’s third event in less than two months has caused ripples across the computer industry. So far PCs and laptops have been shipping with Intel or AMD, the only two choices in the market. Apple has faithfully been slamming Intel in their metal slabs of goodness year after year. But not anymore. The shift to Apple Silicon chips has begun, starting with the M1 chip. The MacBook Air 13in and the MacBook Pro 13in laptops are the first to get the ARM-based chips that promise better performance and battery life over the Intel chips. The MacBook Air even kicks out the fans leading to silent performance even under load. Does it get hot? We don’t know but Apple says waking up your laptop is as easy as unlocking your phone. Almost instantaneous! What’s more, is that much like your smartphone chips, the M1 has GPU and other important bits built into the M1 chip so editing photos and videos are faster, better and downright delightful on the new Macs. Apple’s also revived the sandwich-sized Mac Mini and plonked an M1 chip inside. Except for the Air, the MacBook Pro 13in and the Mac Mini get a dedicated fan to keep the thing cool and run faster. Battery life is up by two times according to Apple and with Big Sur taking the MacOS experience further, the whole thing will run seamlessly with your existing apps. You can even run iPhone and iPad apps on the MacBook now. The MacBook Air starts at ₹92,900, the Pro starts at ₹1,22,900 and the Mini starts at ₹64,900. Available now on the Apple website.

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