AMD users will love the ViewSonic XG 2402 monitor with 144Hz refresh rate

Why only AMD? ‘Cause’ it’s got FreeSync
03 November 2017 / 18:05IST

Nvidia users move aside, ViewSonic offers 144GHz and 1 millisecond response time with FreeSync for AMD users. Switching over to fast paced games, it will allow you to adjust the 5-level response time. Those being the Standard, Fast, Faster, Ultra-fast and Fastest modes that you can fiddle with to suit your eyeballs. This 24 inch screen houses a TN panel and is a Full HD affair. Nitpicky nuts also get 22 customisable levels of black stabilization controls and they’ve thrown in a speaker as well. Ain’t that a sweet deal for 29,000. Like RGB? We do too and so does ViewSonic. The XG 2402 monitor has flashy red lights behind the monitor, solidifying your allegiance to team red.

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