Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite gets the 2021 treatment

Bigger, brighter, faster
21 September 2021 / 14:58IST

As the lockdown slowly lifts and travel resumes, it’s time to look for the next long weekend and jet off to a destination where you can lounge by a crystal blue pool, and tuck into a good book. With that thought in mind, Amazon has launched its latest Kindle, which is the 11th gen Paperwhite. It comes in two models – standard Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. The new Paperwhite sports a bigger display (6.08in) display along with 10mm slimmer bezels, 10% more brightness. The Signature variant gets an additional auto-adjusting front light feature that tweaks the display brightness based on ambient lighting. This variant also gets 32GB storage and wireless charging support. The standard variant will have to make do with 8GB storage and USB-C wired fast charging. The Kindle Paperwhite is priced at ₹13,999 and will be available from October 27. The Signature Edition is priced at ₹17,999 and will be available from November 4. Pre-orders kick off today.

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