Always stay connected with Lenovo’s Yoga C630 WOS powered by the Snapdragon 850 Mobile

25hrs of battery too!
31 August 2018 / 14:32IST

What’s the point of using a laptop if it can’t survive without a charging cable or a stable internet connection? You’ll end up filling your head with anxiety and rely on your smartphone to do all the hard work. Lenovo’s Yoga C630 WOS is here to fix those issues. It’s the world’s first laptop to pack in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 Mobile Compute Platform along with Windows 10. You’ll also be actively connected to the internet with or without WiFi thanks to an in-built SIM Card Holder. Although with janky Indian 4G connections we’re very skeptical about this working in India but hey, at least you have the option (Hope, you’re reading this Vodafone). You can binge-watch an entire season of Better Call Saul on a single charge, thanks to its long-lived 25hr battery life. It also comes with an optional pen if you fancy scribbling a house with few mountains behind it. The Yoga C630 WOS will hit international stores in September with a price tag of ₹999. There’s no escaping the world wide web now.

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