Acer’s Avengers Infinity War special edition notebooks are as enchanting as the Infinity Stones

Three editions for six stones
17 April 2018 / 16:07IST

Ah, did Acer just fix the problem faced by most laptop brands? Did they finally cut loose from the obviously pink rose gold, boring black and sometimes blue colour palette that haunts us every year? The Aspire 6, the Nitro 5 and the Swift 3 have assembled to answer those dull questions with a striking pose. Captain America shields the budget buyers at ₹63,999 for Aspire 6 and Iron Man comes rodeoing with the Swift 3 at ₹79,999. Finally, we have the grand daddy Thanos soldiering gaming prowess with the Nitro 5 at ₹80,999. Don’t worry, they’ve been updated for 2018 worthy specs. So while your outsides look mighty fine, the innards flex enough muscle for the price. Except the Thanos Edition, that still has an 7th Gen i7 processor over Intel’s 2018 norm of 8th Gen brain power. However, it does carries an Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU like a crushing gauntlet. Be on the lookout for Acer, Croma and Reliance Digital stores by 20th April and if it they get sold out in a blink, keep your peepers stuck to your Amazon page on the 23th April where it’ll sell exclusively.

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