Starbucks India’s new app wants you to shake it to get some coffee

Shake it off, shake it off ...I shake it off
16 March 2017 / 12:50IST

Calm down Taylor Swift, I ain’t shaking anything.

Oh c’mon, you know the joy of the first sip of coffee. Yes, that precise happiness is about to get rewarded by Starbucks. They want you to download an app.

Can’t understand if it's the shaking or the app that you’re excited about.

Both. The Starbucks India app is going to be a fast and easy way to pay for your coffee. Once you’ve registered for the Starbucks e-Card in your app, you can pay by simply scanning a barcode or try our favourite way - ‘Shake to Pay’.

Shake your phone and booty to get a payment screen and some rewards.

Shake my what now? Are you sure you didn’t write this on a caffeine rush?

Ok killjoy, you actually don’t even need to move a muscle and Starbucks will reward you. The My Starbucks Rewards program will help you earn Stars, track and redeem their rewards.

Apart from that you also get access to new product information, promotions, balance transfer from one card to another and locate stores from one single app.

Indeed a good reason to ‘shake it’

Yes my coffee connoisseur friend. But first download the Starbucks India app for Android or iOS depending upon your kidney problems.

I have no kidney problems, I use Android

I see. So you can add this on to the many free apps floating in your Android device.

To Starbucks...

To Starbucks...

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