Vivo X60 Series is a camera nerd’s respite

Move with it
25 March 2021 / 13:30IST

The Vivo X50 was a hit with the nerds at Stuff HQ and now with the X60 Series, the expectations are high. Higher than before because the OnePlus 9 Series is dancing around with similar specs while Xiaomi and Samsung are not far behind too. First up, is the X60 and the X60 Pro, sporting almost similar innards with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, a 120Hz refresh rate, 32MP front-facing camera and a 6.56in AMOLED FHD+ display. They even have similar camera specs with a 48MP primary, 13MP wide-angle and a 13MP Portrait lens. The Pro stands out with its curved display, double-digit RAM and gimbal stabilization for the primary lens. This time Vivo has added some extra oomph to its video stabilization, combining EIS and 4-axis stabilization to get almost an action camera-like smoothness. It also reduces motion blur in images and helps capture moving shots with precision. All three models are also sporting Zeiss Optics for better lens clarity and distortion correction for ultra-wide shots but the X60 Pro+ comes with a Zeiss T* coating too (pronounced as Zeiss T star coating) which reduces bloom and lens flare in images. It’s also the better, bolder and frankly the most expensive of the lot. The Snapdragon 888 is at the heart of it along with a 50MP main camera, a 48MP Gimbal ultra-wide-angle, 32MP Portrait and an 8MP 5X Periscope. As if 12GB of RAM wasn’t enough on the Pro and the Pro+, all three models also have virtual RAM which adds 3GB of extra RAM by using storage. The Vivo X60 (8GB/128GB) will start at ₹37,990 while the 12GB/256GB variant is for ₹41,990. The Vivo X60 Pro (12GB/256GB) is for ₹49,990 and the Vivo X60 Pro+ (12GB/256GB) goes for ₹69,990.