This steel cable will charge all of your devices

Oh, the power of magnets
07 July 2017 / 12:47IST

Since the dawn of proprietary cables, it’s been a given that you’d never have the right one to hand when you most needed it. Except for those Mini USB leads, which seem to always be hanging around from that Nikon DSLR you used to own. Now, though, there’s an answer - and it’s called Anchor (from £39 which converts to about 3,300, Indiegogo). A single, steel-wrapped wire with a magnetic end, it’ll charge any USB-C, microUSB or Lightning equipped device without complaint. How? Stick the appropriate nub into the base of your mobile, whack the magnetic against it and - flash! - you’ve got power. Its 4ft length is tangle-free, too, with a lifetime warranty good for more than 60,000 flexes.