Samsung’s DeX dock turns your Galaxy S8 into a desktop PC

This is a dock with real DeX appeal
29 March 2017 / 22:04IST

That sparkly new Galaxy S8 you’ve been lusting over? It’s not just a phone: stick it in Samsung’s DeX Station dock and it’ll transform into a full-on desktop PC, one that’ll play nicely with a mouse and keyboard and even recognise the shortcuts you’re used to on Windows. It’s got USBs, an Ethernet port and HDMI on the back, so you can sit down and get straight to work. There’s even a fan in the back to keep your phone cool while you’re cranking out emails or struggling with spreadsheets. Not bad for something that slips into your pocket as soon as you’re done with work for the day. It’ll go on sale alongside the Galaxy S8 later this year.