Oppo R11 brings high style to the mid-range

It’s Oppo’s first dual-camera smartphone
16 June 2017 / 16:23IST

While flagship smartphones rightly demand the most attention, spare a thought for the trusty mid-rangers – those phones that are striving to deliver more bang for fewer bucks. They don’t come much better looking than the new Oppo R11 (tbc), the Chinese company’s first dual-camera handset and one that, let’s be honest, bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain popular fruit-branded blower. The dual snapper setup consists of one regular 16MP camera and a 20MP telephoto that gives you a bit of extra reach, as well as helps simulate beautiful background bokeh in your portraits. Aside from that, there’s a whopping 20MP selfie camera, 5.5in 1080p screen, 4GB of RAM and the brand new Snapdragon 660 CPU.