Oppo managed to put the selfie camera under the display

Too bad it’s all still inside the labs
04 August 2021 / 16:38IST

Like an opportunistic bunny, Oppo has proudly told the world that it has managed to plonk a working camera under the display without it looking like an underwater cave. This was done by firstly decreasing the size of the pixels on the screen then replacing the traditional wiring with transparent wiring material and also reducing the width of the said wires by 50%. All this is happening inside the phone so you’ll probably never even notice these things even if this phone was to see the light of day. Oppo also says that they’ve used AI smarts to calibrate and compensate for the diffraction. Getting very technical? Indeed but the end game is to find a suitable setting and train the AI thoroughly enough to launch a useable smartphone display with a selfie camera lurking underneath. Hopefully, that happens this year!