OnePlus’ colour-changing concept phone

8T Concept is more sci-fi than Star Wars!
21 December 2020 / 14:15IST

No stranger to concept phones that bring a little sci-fi to an otherwise horrific 2020, OnePlus has done it twice this year. After showing the Concept One at CES back in Jan 2020, where the electrochromic glass was used to conceal the camera module when not in use, the OnePlus 8T Concept now pushes the boundaries of  ECMF (Electronic Colour, Material & Finish). Inspired by hot springs in Turkey, hopefully, it looks cooler in your hand. The concept is based on the colour changing properties of metal oxide in the film used in glass, which contains ions that can colour shift from dark blue to light silver, depending on the voltage applied. Extending the idea in the real world, where 5G will eventually exist beyond brochures, the tech works using mmWave and its transmission and reception of electromagnetic signals which will trigger different use case scenarios. For eg., it can change the back of the phone to a particular colour for a specific phone number, letting you answer or reject with a touchless gesture. The mmWave technology can also register a user’s breathing, enabling the colour to change in sync and effectively making the phone a biofeedback device. Or, We still don’t know if this will make it to any OnePlus production phone in the future, so don’t hold your breath just yet.