OnePlus 6 gets the 5.1.6 Oxygen OS update

You get to massage your narcissism even more
12 June 2018 / 13:58IST

The new 5.1.6 update has started to hit One Plus 6 devices and apart from the regular bug fixes it comes with a Portrait Mode for the front camera. We obviously couldn’t wait to try it out and were pretty surprised at how good it is. The effect is pretty much spot on even when the sun goes down. Detail too is captured very well including camera-crushing hair strands or umm bald spots, depending on what you have. The most awaited battery percentage indicator is finally here to take away the guessing game of how much juice you have left and let's not get started on the audio. Just kidding, one of the major upgrades in our opinion is the audio quality that’s taken a bump. The output is now louder yet keeps the details intact. Other improvements include VoLTE support for certain carriers and dual-SIM stability along with offering 4G for both SIMs.You can now schedule your DND mode, and the overall experience has improved quite a lot leaving you with a more efficient phone.