This Noise Wireless Charging Pad is the slimmest one around

Still performing mundane tasks like groping for a USB-C port in the dark? Get this!
08 June 2018 / 13:56IST

Wireless chargers have a bit of a rep and its something like the Volkswagen Beetle - they’re actually slower than they appear to be. While there are some options that max out at 15W, most wireless chargers using the Qi-standard max out at 7.5W or 10W. That brings us to the weirdly named Noise Slimmest Fast Qi Wireless Charging Pad. Marketed by GoNoise (don’t ask), it’s part of an innovative range of accessories that purportedly are aiming to break out from the norm. The Slim Wireless certainly looks like the product of lateral design with a leather covered top, fixed and tangle free power cable that is equally sleek and a form factor that is almost 50% thinner than a lot of competing products.  The grip is undeniably better than others and charging time on our iPhone X was the same as the fast-charging Belkin rated at 15W. Both juiced up the iPhone by 3% in 10 minutes which is twice as slow as the wired option but at least, the fastest that 2018 has to offer. The slim aesthetic with the little LED blinking to indicate charge status is a nice touch, as is the auto shut-off when charged. While it does use induction charging, it doesn’t support the Apple Watch, but it will work with all Qi-enabled phones with covers 3mm or less so your Samsungs and iPhones are covered. If you want the kitchen sink of wireless chargers, you may want to wait until end of the year for the PowerMat from Apple that will charge up to three devices simultaneously but until then, this is a stylish and sleek addition to your iLife. For 2199, it does offer a sensible way of getting on to the (almost) wire-free highway.