Motorola’s next-gen foldable Razr is finally here

And it’ll make you smile
14 November 2019 / 12:16IST

For all those fans who have been reminiscing, glancing through concepts and leaked images of the upcoming Razr, well, it’s finally here. Yes, Motorola’s best selling smartphone (130m units is no joke) is back, and while it’s found the perfect “angle” in the foldable smartphone space, it’s still going to be up there with the rest of the folding droids at a jaw-dropping $1499 (around ₹1,07,000) a pop. Motorola’s take on the foldable “Clutter-free Android”, as Moto calls it, is to open up from a smaller (almost feature phone-like) form factor to a regular smartphone with a 6.2-inch pOLED HD+ display. A 16MP rear cam, a 5MP front cam and the puny 2510mAh battery may be a put off, but the razor thin profile with eSIM-only option in a flip-out style will still win many hearts.