Motorola One Hyper is a charged up Moto One Vision with a pop-up camera

Hype machine
05 December 2019 / 9:56IST

Motorola’s One series so far has usually appealed to a smartphone buyer who is not about specifications and numbers (that’s OnePlus) but more about stock software and the user experience that comes with it. Well, things may be about to change as Motorola has taken a bit of leap and finally jumped on to the hype train with not just the pop-up selfie camera but also a seriously fast charging system. Say Hello! To the Motorola One Hyper, a $400 smartphone launched in the US that looks as good as it sounds. It ain’t no Moto Razr, but it does look like a grown up Moto One Vision that’s mature enough to not care about specs. This is because the focus is solely on the two Cs, i.e., Camera and Charging. This budget Moto packs in dual 64MP primary camera and an 8MP ultra-wide lens at the back. There’s also a 6.5in FHD+ Full Vision display with no notch and no hole-punch, because Moto finally decided to go with a motorised 32MP pop-up camera instead. While the Snapdragon 675 SoC may not sound exciting when paired with 4GB RAM, that 4000mAh battery sure does. Why? That’s because it can be juiced up with an in-box 45W USB-C hyper charger. Interested? There's no news about it coming to India just yet.