Moto flexes its power packed muscles with the new e5 and e5 plus

All at a not-so-large price
11 July 2018 / 15:00IST

Imagine this, (well actually it’s not so hard to imagine since it has happened with all of us at some point) you are on a long local train journey to or from work, happily enjoying the latest exploits of The Flash and his merry band of heroes, when suddenly the dreaded “battery below 10%” warning pops up on your smartphone. Oh, that is enough to make even the most “sakth laundas” panic... considering there is quite a long way to go and there is a distinct possibility you might need to put an end to your entertainment and stare at your fellow passengers like some neanderthal. Motorola on the other hand, have tried to reduce that possibility with the new e5 and e5 plus with a whopping 4000mAh and 5000mAh battery combined with a 10W rapid charger. The smartphone also features two fists for the e series, namely the Laser autofocus technology for the camera and Moto display that shows you notifications right from the lock screen. The Moto e5 and e5 Plus can be yours for ₹9999 and ₹11,999 respectively.