Link your Aadhaar with iBall Slide Imprint 4G

How I met your m-Aadhaar
02 July 2018 / 17:36IST

Thankfully your bank has stopped spamming you with ‘Link your Aadhaar’ messages all over your existence by now. Subsequently opting for a predatory stare everytime you enter the bank isn’t working for them either. So iBall has created a tablet that eases the painful process of flashing your Aadhaar card for government related stuff. This 7in tablet has a STQC certified fingerprint and Iris scanner for Aadhaar verification. With a 5000mAh battery and a dual SIM slot, you can use it as your daily driver but only if your work requires you to verify Aadhaar cards after giving aforementioned predatory stare. It’s priced at ₹18,999 with 8GB and 16GB storage (expandable upto 32GB).