LG’s G8X ThinQ demands your attention with its dual displays

But is twice the fun
27 December 2019 / 11:14IST

Do you find yourself using the Split Screen feature on Android smartphone often? Well, LG’s got the perfect solution for you, by literally giving you two screens to play around with. No! This ain’t no foldable like the Galaxy Fold, but it lets you use two 6.4-inch OLED displays whenever you need them. And when you don’t, you can just detach the Dual Screen accessory and carry on using the main phone. Packing in 2019 flagship hardware with a Snapdragon 855 chipset, the key feature here is multi-tasking using the two displays (without breaking the bank). And LG wants you to love them both equally. So much so that the phone and the snap-on second display come in the same box for a price tag of ₹49,999. There’s also a third 2.1-inch cover display on the back of the Dual Screen accessory that lets you glance at incoming notifications or answer a call without flipping out.