Lenovo’s new gaming phone has an odd name, two batteries and a camera on the side

It even supports 5G
23 July 2020 / 16:33IST

Most gaming phones have one thing on their mind: power. And while Lenovo’s new Legion Phone Duel (TBA) doesn’t lack oomph – mainly due to the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor and up to 16GB of RAM – there’s much more going on here than just raw grunt. For starters, there’s the side-mounted, front-facing 20MP camera. It slides out from the edge of the phone’s 6.65in chassis, the idea being you can stream your sessions on Twitch when you’re holding it landscape. Round the back is a dual 64MP+16MP ultrawide setup, but it’s under the FHD+ AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate that things get interesting again. The Legion Phone Duel has two 2500mAh batteries instead of a single 5000mAh one, which is supposed to stop things heating up too much. That also means a pair of USB-C ports. Indian availability is yet to be revealed, but if it does reach these shores, we’ll probably get two.