Keep your content picture-perfect with Corning’s Gorilla Glass

Clear quality pictures
30 July 2021 / 12:53IST

There are more camera lenses on the back of a phone than there are at a bank. And those camera lenses on smartphones are only getting bigger, fancier and exposed to the elements. Corning’s Gorilla Glass is meant to prevent your phone’s camera glass from taking any damage that may cause photos to distort. The new technology lets the camera retain the maximum amount of light for more distinctive images and prevents anomalies like ghosting. We’re pretty sure Samsung’s top smartphones this year will sport these Gorilla Glass lenses when they launch this August but only time will tell. Last year’s Apple iPhone 12 series smartphones, and almost all previous iPhones as well, had green dots in images when exposed to strong light sources. Corning’s new tech wants to remove those reflections (green dots) within the camera system. We don’t know which brand will adopt this new glass but keep an eye out for the brands singing about their camera glass. It might help you take better sunrise photos.