Jio Phone ups the smarts and features with the Jio Phone 2

With a nostalgic design to boot
05 July 2018 / 18:44IST

Ah, the joys of a simple life, with good old-fashioned physical keys and simple operating systems. But alas we know how disastrous it would be to go back to the old phones we held dear in our youth as even the best of us can’t resist the urges of modern social media. Superficial hipsters like us are in luck though with the launch of the Jio Phone 2 which flaunts its old-school charm while being packed with some semblance of modernity. The new Jio Phone 2 sports an oh-so-satisfying QWERTY keyboard, 512MB of RAM, 4GB ROM and features we just can’t do without these days like YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. The feature phone runs on KaiOS and also has a VGA front camera and 2MP rear snapper. The Jio Phone 2 has been launched at an introductory price of 2999 and will be available from August 15.​

The Monsoon Hungama

It is to be noted that under the Monsoon Hungama exchange offer one can exchange their old feature phone and upgrade to the Jio Phone 1 bringing the price down from ₹1,500 to ₹501. Yes, you read that right folks, you can get yourself a brand new Jio Phone at the price of just half a tank of petrol. Now that's what we call competitive pricing.

The Monsoon Hungama exchange offer will begin on the 21st of July and can be availed throughout India.