It’s official. The LG Velvet has launched and it looks sweet!

Fair warning. No word on it coming to India, though
28 October 2020 / 13:43IST

After what felt like an eternity of teasing, LG has finally taken the wrappings completely off from their new smartphone. It’s been a while since LG has a serious contender to go up against the flagships and the Velvet could very well be the first device to set them on the path to the top. After the launch in Korea which gave us the first official look at the device in all its velvety glory, the Indian specs and the power under the hood have been updated a wee-bit. You get a Snapdragon 845 (old and admittedly not the most powerful chipset on the market but a fast and efficient one nonetheless) mated to 8 gigs of RAM and 128GB of storage. It also has a 6.8in, 2460x1080 OLED display and a 4300mAh battery. What the Velvet excels at the most, though, is the design – looking pretty slick and smart with the bezel-less screen, tiny notch and those gorgeously laid out camera lenses on the back that reduce in size from top to bottom, making it look like a droplet of water. The LG Velvet has been launched in India for ₹36,990, with a dual-screen accessory variant for ₹49,990.