Infinix Concept Phone can charge zero to hundred in 10mins

Fast is an understatement
29 June 2021 / 14:49IST

Sometimes brands like to do fancy things because they can and we’ve seen a fair share of fancy concept smartphones. Infinix Concept Phone is such and if it wasn’t evident, it’s a concept smartphone that is destined to raise some eyebrows or to simply showcase the next best thing by the brand. It’s packing a 160W fast charger that juices up the smartphone from 0% to 100% in 10mins. Here’s the link to the official Twitter video of them doing it. It’s also remarkable that the whole thing doesn’t just heat up like popcorn because the smartphone has clever protocols to keep the thing in check. It maintains a good 40℃ while the smartphone is charging and if you put the curved display face down, the rear will greet you with fascinating colour shifts. It goes from silver to blue and if it’s hooked up the aforementioned faster-than-cheetah charger it will have a nice green glow in the centre. If you hate cables, the smartphone can also do 50W wireless fast charge and it also comes with a 60x periscope lens at the back. It’s also got all the makings of a premium flagship and if Infinix launches this smartphone it will surely sit in the premium segment. Hopefully, they do and banish battery anxiety altogether.