Google’s Pixel 3a is a mid-ranger that has learned a lot from its pricier predecessor

Imagine the Pixel 3, but cheaper
08 May 2019 / 13:56IST

Overwhelmed by camera lenses and of the opinion that bezels are just misunderstood? You may well tempted by the Google Pixel 3a. It’s a smartphone that, just like the Pixel 3 before it, ignores the current trend of edge-to-edge displays and squeezing as many cameras onto a rectangular piece of metal as is physically possible, and instead offers a streamlined smartphone experience. For 39,999 you get either a 5.6in FHD+ OLED (6in if you opt for the larger Pixel 3a XL), the same consistently brilliant 12.2MP single rear snapper as last year’s 3, squeezable sides for Google Assistant-summoning, and a price-squashing plastic body. A Snapdragon 670 might not be the speediest on the market, but you should only really notice it if you’re playing graphically intensive games. Prices start at ₹39,999 for the Pixel 3a and ₹44,999 for the 6in model. Both are available now.