Apple's iPhone 8 is a glass-backed masterpiece

Whatever you do, don't drop it
13 September 2017 / 0:25IST

Fancy an iPhone X? Ha! Not on your salary you don't. The new iPhone 8 is more in your price range, and do you know what? It's actually worth getting excited about. With an all-new glass design, faster A11 Bionic processor and updated 12-megapixel rear camera, it's the iPhone 7 with a major facelift. Considering Apple hasn't changed its smartphone design since the all-aluminium iPhone 6, this still amounts to a huge overhaul. Especially since that glass back allows for wireless charging: a first for an Apple handset. Alas, not everything's changed with the iPhone 8. A dual-lens camera setup is still reserved for the iPhone 8 Plus, while the iPhone X gets a gorgeous almost bezel-free OLED screen. The iPhone 8 will be out the end of the month, 29 September in India, and will be available for ₹64,000 (64GB) and ₹77,000 (256GB).