3G-equipped Nokia 3310 slowly creeps closer to 2017

Don't panic - Snake hasn't gone anywhere
29 September 2017 / 13:29IST

Nokia's retro-tastic comeback phone made do with a basic 2G modem when it arrived earlier this year, which made it little more than a nostalgic toy in all the countries that have long since switched off their 2G networks. No surprises for guessing what's new here, then: with 3G on board, this new 3310 will play nicely on more modern networks, including Australia, where the handset is launching first. That new modem means the size has gone up, and battery life gone down (which kind of defeats the point of a dumbphone)  but that means a larger keypad for T9 texting, and support for lite versions of Facebook, Skype and Twitter. The basic-as-bricks UI can now be customised, swapping icon colours and positions so you can find your way around that little bit easier, and there's a handful of new colours to choose from. How does Azure and Charcoal sound? As of now, no word on availability and pricing yet. Just expect it to cost a bit more than this summer's 2G-only original.