Watch the air being cleansed through LG’s Signature series Air Purifier

Inhale the good stuff, exhale the bad
16 January 2018 / 12:39IST

They say our homes are even more polluted than the outside. Well, if we dive into stats, it is true. So, before we start telling you the why, what and how, let’s take a deep breath, remind ourselves to save up for an air purifier and cough. Does this include smokers too? Nope,‘cos you guys are doing just fine. The LG Signature Air purifier (1,31,880) isn't like any other air cleaner out there. Thanks to its Aqua-Cyclone feature, this one uses water to detoxify your surrounding air. What’s even cooler is that you can see all this happening through that transparent panel. The Purifier has LED lights around it which light up to indicate your air quality: Red - bad, Green - good, Yellow - harmful. This cleanser can destroy particle pollution of PM1.0 than the regular PM2.5. Want to know the pollution level in your city? Go here.

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