Swarovski Infinite Aura sets the mood with the right light

Goes beyond your infinite desire of a beautiful home
07 December 2018 / 11:29IST

A smart home is on everyone’s wish list these days. How about beautiful, people? Amidst all the hoopla of automating our homes, we’ve overlooked the fact that you look forward to coming back to a home that’s ugly-proof, automated or not. Just like its name, the Swarovski Infinite Aura is beauty, infinite. The price range starts at ₹2,30,000, and like an added bonus, a dose of automation here and a tweak there will set the mood of the house just right. Whether you want it to gently wake you up from a blissful sleep or provide the right ambience when you entertain your Italian bosses over dinner, its app-controlled system even turns this seemingly modest ceiling illuminator into a disco light if your teenage kid is one to host a lot of parties while you’re away… just ensure the guy on a high doesn’t stand directly under it, or, thanks to the infinity effect of the LEDs (illuminated or not), he will be on a trip to infinity…

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