Stay cool (and green) with Videocon’s solar air conditioners

It’s possible to be eco-friendly without sweating it out
22 May 2017 / 16:40IST

You might pride yourself on how small your carbon footprint is, but come summer and your aircon usage probably makes it bigger than a size 13 boot.

Videocon might have a way out of this conundrum - a hybrid air conditioner. These split aircon units (in 1 and 1.5 tonne sizes; prices start at ₹99,000) come with a solar panel and battery inverter, letting you stay cool as a polar bear without having to pay through your nose for mains electricity (which, if we may point out has probably been generated by an environmentally unfriendly coal-fired plant). That’s right, you can operate these off green, free-as-free-beer solar power. Don’t worry if it’s raining or night. Your aircon will switch over to mains power or the battery backup. And guess what, you can even sell any excess power back to the grid, making up for all the years you got a bill shock.

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