Stalk your maid with iBall Guard’s PT Guard security cam

Tell her that she missed a spot through an app from anywhere
16 January 2018 / 18:03IST

Imagine this, Ali is home alone but his parents can watch and talk to him whilst they sip on margaritas and eat fish-tacos in Goa. All thanks to iBall’s Guard security cameras real-time viewing feature in HD quality. You can also rotate and tilt your viewing options if you aren't getting the full picture. Just pair your Android/iOS device to the iBall Guard PT cam and keep check. You can watch and talk through your smartwatch and instruct your kids to do their math HW instead of watching TV. It’s also got motion tracking installed so you’ll know when your baby has decided to crawl out. Home security and surveillance is a necessity, especially when you’ve left the house to your maid, naughty toddlers or Ali for that matter. Things can go wrong, money can go missing and even Ali can. So, do your home a favour and get the iBall Guard security cam for ₹5990 from here.

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