Smart mirror on the wall

Who is the smartest of them all? It’s Nuovo’s Smart mirror of course!
12 April 2017 / 14:28IST

Looking into a mirror and seeing a reflection of yourself is so 20th century. Step into the 21st century with Nuovo’s Smart Mirrors. This Wi-Fi connected mirror is set to revolutionise the way you see yourself. Quite literally. There is no getting away from those pesky Facebook Criminal Case requests, not even when you just want to stare into the mirror and contemplate the meaning of life and the many many mistakes and bad decisions you have made. However, it should prove to be pretty handy having a mirror that can call you a cab when you see yourself drunk in it. And watching YouTube while shaving should be entertaining and not at all dangerous. Also, it’s touch-screen, so smudges! Ok, let’s stop ribbing on the cool new piece of tech. It’s an innovative way of consuming content. The Nuovo Smart Mirror is a really fresh concept and no matter how much you try to deny it, we know you want one to show it off to your friends. The cost of this smart home accessory worthy of Tony Stark? Prices start at ₹39,999.

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