Samsung SpaceMax Family Hub is a smart fridge in every conceivable way possible

You can Netflix and chill with your fridge now
13 July 2020 / 18:39IST

Smart fridges have been around for quite a while, but the SpaceMax Family Hub from Samsung is just taking the conversation of smart appliances to a whole new level. For starters, it has a mammoth 21.5in FHD screen that is pretty much a telly on its own. You can watch movies and shows on it and even stream and control music. Wondering where’s the audio going to come from? From the fridge itself! That’s right, the 2020 version of the smart fridge has it all and some more. You can even view what’s sitting inside your fridge on the screen without even opening the fridge. The tiny cameras inside will also send live telecasts of your veggies to your smartphone when you’re on your way to grocery shopping. If you’re in your Samsung ecosystem you can even control other devices like the telly and washing machine and even bark orders at Bixby to do your bidding. There’s obviously screen mirroring, calling, and taking notes right on the fridge. You can even plaster your face on it with the photo album feature so that your visitors know that this fridge can do it all. There are plenty of fridge features as well but let’s be honest, that's just boring now. It’s going to be available for ₹2,19,000 and if you pre-order it right now you can pick it up from ₹1,96,990 and also get a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite thrown in because why not?

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