RGB and low latency internet come together in Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC2900

Everything gets RGB, even your first born
15 July 2019 / 16:11IST

Asus ROG’s mission is to stick lights inside anything related to gaming and this time those pointy-looking, dust collecting, black boxes sitting in one corner of a room need not only serve constant data connection. It can sync with your PC and other asus peripherals using Aura RGB. Although, design isn’t the only ‘game-y’ features here. There’s a dedicated port for gaming to get network priority and even a built-in support for wtfast for smoother connection and network stability. This too is an Asus AiMesh router which cleverly manages your speed with other Asus mesh routers and if you don’t trust its managerial proficiency then there’s a smartphone app for skeptics like you. It’s easier to set up and manage port forwarding, NAT settings and all sorts of nerdy network settings that gets you hot under the collar. It’s even got Nvidia’s seal of approval for GeForce Now game streaming. It’s available now for ₹23,900 on Amazon and offline stores as well.

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