Pimp-up your crib with the Syska 7W LED smart-bulb integrated with Amazon Echo

Alexa, let there be light
09 June 2018 / 7:27IST

If you’re the kind who’s lazy to switch off the lights before bed because you’ve had too much pizza after binging on a Netflix special, there’s a smart home solution for you out there. But first, you need an Amazon Echo series smart speaker (Echo Dot, Echo or Echo Plus). Then you need to get the Syska 7W LED smart bulb (1,799 -click here to buy) and pair it with the Echo device and download the Syska Smart Home app on your smartphone. You can then proceed and ask friendly Alexa to switch on/off lights, change the colours (3 million of ‘em), adjust brightness or play with hue patterns for any occasion and all other sorts of customisation. We're sure RGB fans will love this setting in their living room. It might be a little pricey than other dumb bulbs out there, but it’ll save energy and shine light for more than your cat’s lifetime.

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