Philips TwinGlow LED tube light is Signify Innovations’ newest addition to ease your WFH situation

A flick of a button takes you from work mode to relax mode
08 September 2020 / 13:34IST

Enough about 0-100, while WFH is a new reality, we need devices to take the edge off and take us from 100-0 ASAP. The Philips TwinGlow LED tube light from the house of lighting and giants Signify Innovations India Ltd. is here to save the day. Two lighting modes help you switch from work to relaxation mode at the flick of a switch, and that is quite a saviour if you’ve had a day packed with never ending Zoom meetings. Its default Work Mode, the Downlight shines bright, spreading 20 Watts of white light so your eyes aren’t strained while staring at your screen all day long. Log out of the office system and switch to Relax Mode. The warm yellow light glows upwards to create a cozy ambience and changes the mood almost instantly. Instead of shining down on you, the up light in the Relax Mode is directed towards the ceiling and bounces off there to illuminate the entire room. Watch movies, unwind with some music and drink without the piercing glow straining your eyes. This neat looking 4ft long baten comes in an automobile-inspired Chrome decal, so it doesn’t look like an eyesore on your walls. It’s  available in two colour variants on Amazon for an ongoing offer price of ₹1064.

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