Olie is a crowdfunded smart lamp with a built-in voice assistant

And just to show off, it does wireless charging too
17 November 2017 / 13:32IST

Pretty soon every electronic device you own will be judged on its integration with the ever-cleverer voice assistants being developed by tech’s giants. Nice hairdryer you’ve got there pal, but can you ask Alexa to tweak the heat settings and fill you in on the probably terrible weather forecast while she’s at it? No? Bin. The latest entry into the burgeoning category is Olie, a smart lamp currently funding on Indiegogo. Turning the lights on with your voice is nothing new, but Olie comes with your pick of either Google Assistant or Alexa built in, making even the famous Pixar lamp look talentless by comparison. If that wasn’t enough, its base doubles up as a Qi-enabled wireless charger for your smartwatch or phone. The earliest of birds can back the voice-assisted table version from $89 (which converts to about ₹5,777).

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