Never lose your laptop, fridge with Tile Sticker and Tile Slim

Won’t find your boyfriend for you
18 November 2019 / 15:11IST

Ok, we’re kidding. There’s a really small chance that you will lose your fridge, but we’ve all been there. Hastily sliding open draws searching for the TV remote at home, while trying hard to remember where we last placed it. The lost and found specialists at Tile have introduced their popular range of trackers in India. You can stick these waterproof finders with a 150-ft range on almost anything you would want to find or keep within reach. Both the coin-sized Tile Sticker (₹3999 for a pack of two) and the credit-card-sized Tile Slim (₹2999) can be discreetly stuck to your wallets, passports, keys, gadgets, accessories and literally anything you tend to forget. Tile’s finders basically give you peace of mind, sending you smart alerts once it detects that you have left your wallet behind. And with the Tile community, you can even track your keys that you may have forgotten at last night’s party, because every phone running the Tile app (across the globe) can now find it for you.

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