Nanoleaf finally adds screen mirroring support to smart lighting range

Light 'em up
22 October 2019 / 10:03IST

Nanoleaf has added support for screen mirroring to its range of modular smart light panels, giving users the ability to create their own immersive cinema, multi-sensory gaming room, or perhaps even a Blade Runner-inspired office. As the name 'screen mirror' implies, the feature works by reflecting on-screen activity onto any connected Nanoleaf panels, casting matching ambient lighting across your entire lighting display. A range of different modes can be used to set the mood, such as 'melt mode,' which paints the most dominant colour from your screen and gradually dissolves it into the next colour sequence, and 'Palette,' which displays a palette match of your screen that fades in periodically. You can find out how to make use of the new Screen Mirror feature over on the Nanoleaf website, where you can also cast your eyes over the company's entire lighting range.

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