Motion Pillow gently moves your head to smartly stop you from snoring

Heads will roll
12 September 2019 / 10:03IST

Snoring can cause sleep deprivation and other health problems – not least when an angry partner at their wits’ end beans you with whatever’s close at hand. Motion Pillow (from $265 – Approx ₹19,000) aims to help everyone get a good night’s sleep, by making your pillow smarter. The gadget’s solution box (which doubles as a wireless charger) has a mic that detects your snoring. It then figures out where your head is, and inflates one of four air bags in the pillow. This gently reorients your head, improves airflow, and – in theory – alleviates snoring. There’s an app for tracking how everything’s going – although sadly not an option for a partner to login and abruptly inflate all four airbags at once, to catapult you out of the window during those nights when even Motion Pillow can’t get them some peace and quiet.

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