The Mi Body Composition Scale will take care of you better than your mom

It knows your stool schedule too, maybe
15 March 2018 / 18:06IST

Forget about those expensive nutritionists charging you thousands just to tell you you’re alright. Instead, Mi’s got a solution for you; The Mi Body Composition Scale understands and shows you stats (weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, bone mass, visceral fat, body score basal metabolism, etc). Just stand on the scale, connect your phone to the Mi Fit app and ta-da, you’ll know yourself better than you need to. Plonk on the Mi band and connect it to the scale for better health data. Live in a joint family? No problem, it supports up to 16 user profiles. Need it? It’s on sale for ₹1999 from your nearest Mi Home or

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