Luxury fan maker Fanzart joins fight against AIDS with Pluto Fan

A portion of sales of every fan sold goes towards AIDS awareness and treatment
26 November 2019 / 12:17IST

While it’s disheartening that around 2m+ people in India alone are suffering from the dreaded disease, there is hardly anything much that we can do apart from supporting them somehow. While we know Apple’s (Product) Red was specifically made for a reason, Fanzart, a luxury fan company, has also launched a Red ‘Pluto Fan’ that will end up supporting the fight to end AIDS. This fan is a 42in ceiling fan with 1070mm sweep blades that consumes lower energy and runs silently too. Additionally, the luxury fan also has a reverse switch that can spin in reverse to help stay warm and cozy during the winters. The remote-controlled 5-blade Red fan comes in at a price of ₹13500 and is available on Amazon.

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