Lloyd’s Grande, the double compressor AC promises a breath of cool air this summer

Assures comfort in the harshest summer heat
31 March 2020 / 18:04IST

The heatwave hasn’t officially begun yet, but there’s no harm in preparing for it as soon as the lockdown lifts. The flagship range of air conditioners by Lloyd claims heavy duty cooling, thanks to its dual compressors, along with an assurance that even though summers are approaching, they won’t be entirely unbearable. The Grande Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner not just promises to cool every corner of your room, it also comes loaded with dust filters, anti-bacterial coils and advanced air filters to keep the nasty stuff in check. The double compressor has been assigned the task of making survival possible even in the harsh summers, and that’s why the advanced heavy duty duo compressors on these flagship models claim to cool in soaring temperatures as high as up to 60℃. The challenge of living in high humidity areas such as Mumbai is also met with this one as inside the hood it claims to have copper tubes with corrosion resistant coating. Priced at ₹67,990, it sure seems like a worthy investment for comfort and good quality indoor air.

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