Let Xiaomi clean your house while you peacefully work from home

No bai? No problem!
17 April 2020 / 15:53IST

The lockdown must have definitely made you an expert at sweeping and mopping by now. However, these talents and experiences won’t make it to your CVs for sure. So once the lockdown is over, give yourself some “Me time” and let Xiaomi sweep and mop your house while you work from home or catch up with some TV shows. The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P has a laser-based distance and navigation system with 12 multi-directional sensors to move around your house with a broom and swap attached to its belly. Now, can your bai do the same? Or does she have multiple eyes and sensors? Nah! The robot can scan 360-degrees, 6 times a second and as far as 8 metres to get its job mapped out. And a built-in 3200mAh battery makes it clean non-stop for just about two hours (110 min). Control this robot with your smartphone easily from home or remotely. Pick this from the crowd-funding program for just 17,999 or on EMI of 2,999 a month. Don’t worry – this robot bai won’t ask you for a bonus, increment, loan or holidays to go to her gaon.    

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