The Lenovo Smart Clock wants to transform your morning routine

Time flies.
10 January 2019 / 16:22IST

Lenovo has expanded its range of smart devices by teaming up with the fine folks over at Google to develop a new Smart Clock. As the rather on the nose name suggests, the Lenovo Smart Clock ($79.99; around 1340) is an intelligent timepiece purpose-made for bedrooms. It'll help you unwind in the evening and kickstart your day by playing your favourite music and podcasts (through a full-range 6W speaker), telling you about the weather, walking you through your agenda, and getting you out of bed with a tailored gentle wake-up routine. As you'd expect from any device with a built-in Google Assistant, you can also use the Smart Clock to control your smart home. Bet you've never seen a clock with so much gumption.



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